Stressed At Work With No Time For Yourself? Here Are The Answers

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Have you found yourself spending more time at work than at anything else? Do you feel like you’ve started neglecting your personal life because of work? You’re certainly not the only one who focuses more on work just to generate an income.
People today focus more on their work because of the economy. No one wants to lose their job through lay off or downsizing so everyone is throwing in extra work than required just to have some kind of job security. You might be filling in for someone who is out or you’re juggling two positions because someone was laid off. Right now, you’ll pretty much do anything to keep a job down, even if it’s extra work and/or overtime/weekends.
You’re taking on extra work and you’re personal life may be suffering for it. Laundry is piling up, dirty dishes are in the sink and if you have a family, you don’t spend as much time with them anymore. You’re whole personal life is pretty much at a halt because as you attempt to hold a job. To get a balance between work and personal life, there are a few things that can be done without giving up anything important.
First, you need to set a schedule for yourself. Weekdays are no doubt work days, but if you do have a day or two off, make those days count. Spend those days with friends you haven’t seen in a long time or spend it with family. Take the kids to the park or library. If it’s a rainy day, spend the time with them indoors. Have dinner with the family once a night every week. Make the off times worth it. If you still feel like you don’t have enough time, there are some time saving tips you can use in both personal and work life.
Most of your time will be spent at work. The first thing that can be done in the morning is finding an efficient way to send the kids to school. The kids can always carpool or go with a group of friends to school. This method will save time and travel money. You can optimize your productivity at work by eliminating unnecessary activities. Drop routines such as checking social media or anything personal at work. If you spend time gossiping, cut that out. Take shorter lunch breaks. If you get an hour lunch but you normally finish lunch early, use the rest of the hour for work. Use whatever spare time you have and focus it on work. By doing these, you might be able to leave work early or you can use that extra time to either plan or get even more work done ahead of time.
Now you have to make your personal life run as smooth as work. The first thing that can be done is to shorten your errand time. Do you find yourself spending 2 to 3 hours just grocery shopping? You can cut that time down to nothing by ordering everything online. Don’t feel like picking up the laundry? Check if they deliver and if not you can pay someone to pick it up. Do you have too many dirty plates? Invest in a dish washing machine or use paper plates.
If you constantly feel tired even with these time saving tips, then it’s time to consider exercising. Find a healthy way to increase your energy levels. You can use those energy drinks but they aren’t exactly healthy in the long run. Hit the gym, go for an hour jog or even take yoga classes. Any of these will help increase your energy levels. With this optimized schedule, you still need a little time to just relax. If you feel really stressed at any point or just need some time to yourself, just take a 10 to 15 minute breather. Take a deep breathe, relax a little and clear your head.
The job market and economy is tough right now but that’s no reason to sacrifice your personal life. You can work and have you own down time if you know how to schedule everything.

Do’s and don’ts of job searching while you’re still employed

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In today’s market, you would be lucky to have a job. Believe it or not, there are people who look for jobs while they are already employed. They could be changing careers or just looking for something better. There is nothing wrong with looking for a job while you’re already employed but you do need to be careful about how you go about it.
There are some upsides to job hunting while employed. You have a steady income while you search and if things don’t go as planned, you still have a current job to fall back on. While already being employed, you’re more attractive to employers not to mention the constant contact with professional networks. There is also less pressure and desperation to get a new job since you are already working. Having a job while job hunting can provide leverage in negotiations for the new job. Without this leverage, you will have to accept their terms and conditions as is.
Searching for a new job while already employed can also be dangerous. Being found out is the least of the problems. It’s what it can build up to later that can hurt you. Since supervisors and bosses expect you to be committed to the job, you might be seen as either disloyal, unhappy or both. The worst thing that can happen is your termination from the job. If you manage to keep your current job after being found out, the supervisor might punish you for job hunting by freezing you out of discussions or opportunities. Things can go from worse to nightmarish if you’re seeking a position with a major competitor. Ethical and legal issues may arise and depending on the environment and the position you currently hold, you might even become a security threat. In general, job hunting while already being employed may hurt your reputation and credibility.
There are ways to avoid the unsavory consequences of this situation. The best thing to do is simply don’t tell anyone. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. The only exception to this is if the boss announced a layoff and offered to help your job hunting. Another thing you shouldn’t do is bad-mouth the current employer. When going on interviews, schedule it during off hours and you can even request the employer to keep your search confidential. When using references, do not use anyone from your current job especially if they don’t know that you are searching. The potential employer may call the current in regards to a reference and end up spilling that fact that you are looking for another job. When job searching, never use the company’s computers, Internet, fax machines or phones to do your searches. All these equipment are monitored and recorded by the company. When confronted about whether or not you are looking for a job, be honest. It only hurts if you lie.
So be careful when job searching when you’re already employed. You may not know how the current employer will react.

Reasons why you don’t hear back from employers

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Have you ever forwarded your resume to an employer and never hear back from them? Has this happened a lot? If you’re lucky, you might get an automated response. This response is basically saying that they don’t have anything that fits you. If you have experienced this, it may be one or a combination of these 5 reasons.
The most common one is that you simply don’t qualify for that position. You were missing a skill or experience that the employer was looking for. The best thing to do here is to do your research and make sure that your resume matches their qualifications. If you have missing qualifications, you can either take some kind of class or internship for that or keep looking for a position that matches you.
This is something that some job seekers may not know. Employers search for keywords before reading the actual resume. Let’s say you forwarded your resume to an employer. The employer may have software that allows them to search for keywords before reading the resume. If your resume isn’t optimized to those keywords, you won’t pop up on that software. What you can do is look at their qualifications. Certain words pop out especially the part about computer skills. What you want to do is make sure that you have those same key words on your resume. This way, you resume would pop up on their systems when they do a keyword search.
The formatting can make or break you in terms of first impressions. It doesn’t matter how it’s formatted as long as it’s neat, concise and consistent. Make sure you separate each job and/or skill set by one line. Every category should have their own section or place. There’s really nothing else to it. If you are unsure of the formatting, you can always get a second opinion from a resume specialist such as Millennium Personnel Corp.
When you forward your resume to an employer, make sure it’s the same resume on all your online profiles. The employer may decide to look you up on Linkedin or other resume posting sites. If the resumes don’t match, they might think your hiding something. This also applies to the keyword searches. Make sure that all your online profiles have the same resume; otherwise they might think your not telling the truth on the resume you forwarded them.
Employers receive hundreds of resumes a day. They can receive up to 500 resumes and it so happen that yours is the 499th one. We all know that people forward their resumes to jobs that they think they are qualified for or just find interest in. What you also need to do that some job seekers may not realize is to check the date that a job was posted. Forwarding your resume early is like being on time for an interview. An employer will read the first few resumes that come in and eventually just skim through the rest. Sitting there and reading resumes all day can get tiring. Eventually fatigue sets in. Not only do you have to send your resume early, but you also have to consider that an employer is a person too and you need to consider their energy levels.
Aside from these 5 reasons, you should also check the job description and requirements every few days. Sometimes the employer will change this without any notification and it may no longer match with your resume. Remember to always do your research. You can’t go wrong doing that. It would also help if you tried to think like an employer. Ask yourself, if you had a position available in your own company, how would you handle all the resumes that come in?

Turning Negatives into Positives: Getting Fired.

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It happens.  For whatever reason, your superiors have decided to let you go.  What matters most is not the fact that you were fired; what matters is how you deal with it.  It is always better to approach this kind of situation calmly rather than with emotion.  Here are a few things you can (and perhaps, should) do in the event that you are fired.


Leaving the office clueless as to why you were fired does not help you because you cannot reevaluate yourself and your performance.  It also makes it hard to determine your next move in life.  By asking, “Why?” you get important feedback on your performance and what you need to work on.  There are an endless amount of reasons for people to be fired.  What you have to do is separate yourself from the crowd of people who will act emotionally and irrationally and simply ask, “Why?”  Also ask for any possible assistance in getting a job.  Ask if they could give a good referral or forward your resume to one of their contacts.  The worst they can do is say no.


After you’ve been let go and have asked, “Why?” you now need to take an honest look at yourself, review the critique you were given, and figure what you need to do to make a change.  Honestly apply it to yourself.    For example, if your ex-boss says you were rude when answering the phones, don’t immediately become defensive of your actions but really sit down and try to remember how you spoke to callers.  Were you brisk with them?  Did it sound like you had an attitude?  These are all questions you must consider.  What if your boss says you were lacking in skills?  This something you must take into consideration.


Now that you have your criticism and you have done some serious reflecting on yourself and what you need to improve on, it is time to think about what your next move should be.  Think about your career aspirations; is what you were doing before what you want to be doing the rest of your life?  If it is, perhaps you need to update your skills or find a better way to approach the work that you’re doing.  If it isn’t, reflect again and think about what it is you want to do.  If you already know or eventually figure it out, figure out the steps it takes to get to work in the field of your dreams.  As Aristotle once said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”


Now that you have properly reflected and assessed, you must make your move.  If you need more skills, go back to school or get certified.  If it has to do with your personality and how you treat others, practice everyday building character, and pay attention to how you behave so you know what you sound like when you are being polite versus when you are being rude.  If you are on a job interview, you don’t have to bring it up but if your interviewer asks about you being fired, don’t shy away.  Tell them why it happened, and most importantly what you have done in the interim between that job and the interview to fix what made you get fired in the first place.

Getting fired is not fun for anybody but there are ways to improve the situation and there are ways to improve yourself.  At the end of the day, it is a learning experience that can help you put your career where you want it to be.  Make that negative a positive and prepare for brighter days.

Stick to business!

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When on an interview the employer may ask you unusual questions; questions out of left field.  Your response to these questions are crucial because the employer is more interested in your thought process and how you think than your actual answer.  When asked questions like these always think in a business perpsective.

For example, if you interviewer asks you: “If you could be any animal, which would it be and why?” you have to use this as an opportunity to talk about traits you think would be beneficial to the work place.  Your employer doesn’t want to know about your favorite animal.  They want to know about you.  Your answer then should sound something like this: “If I could be any animal, I would be a cheetah.  I am a fast worker,  I go after my tasks aggressively, and I don’t stop until I have accomplished the goal.”

This and other abstract questions are what you can expect from employers.  These questions are designed to get you to think on your feet.  Just remember that so long as you keep your calm and think logicaly your interview will go absolutely fine.

The art of interviewing

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Now that I completed my internship at Millennium Personnel, I have updated all my online resumes. This resume, along with a cover letter and recommendation is the result of 3 months of voluntary work. I have actually been getting calls from other agencies that found me through Career Builder because of my updated resume. In a way, the tables have turned. Instead of calling the agency up to find work, they are calling me up as a possible applicant.
One of these agencies has just set me up with an interview appointment with them. Since it’s an interview, I need to dress professionally. It also means I need to practice my 30 second commercial. My 30-second commercial is basically telling an employer why they should hire me. It will also include my brand. I plan to speak about my technical and interpersonal skills to show that I have a flexible personality. Then I will share my brand, which is the well-rounded skill set. My well-rounded skill set allows me to adapt to any position that I am given or have to temporarily fill in.
Aside from how I look and what I’m going to say, I need to have a smile on my face. It’s part of impressing them. If I smile, it shows I have a personality. I don’t want to come off as someone boring. I also need to pace myself when speaking. Everything needs to be clear and concise. With that, I also need to give the employer time to speak.
Aside from my active actions, I’ll need to think about my passive actions. The way I sit in a chair can make or break and interview. If I slouch, I’ll look kind of lazy. I’ll have to sit up right like I have a backbone. The amount of eye contact can be too little to down right awkward. If there is too little eye contact, the employer may think that I am or shy or worse, scared of a confrontation. If I make too much eye contact, I’ll come off as trying too hard. It could even become awkward in moments where eye contact is not necessary.
At the end of the interview, it’s courteous to thank the employer for the interview. They will ask if I have questions. The best questions to ask if you have nothing to ask is “Is there anything that I can clarify for you?” Aside from that some commons ones are asking when the employer will get back in touch and if it is all right to call in every now and then.
It actually won’t hurt to check in with them. That way, they will get used to hearing your name and they will remember who you are. This helps when they have positions to fill and your name will be in mind.
The whole point of doing all this is to get a job offer from an employer, even if it’s an agency. Once a job offer is made, the ball is in my court. From there, I can accept or decline. It’s up to me to make whatever I want of it.

The Corporate Glass Ceiling…..Does it Really Exist?

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The term glass ceiling refers to “the unseen, yet unbreakable, barrier that keeps women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.” To this day we still see evidence of this stereotype, though not as pubic as it once was. With social pressure so strong, employers are very careful about discrimination.

Personally I believe the “Glass Ceiling” will soon disappear from the corporate world entirely. There is a multitude of women thriving in the corporate world, not to mention politics. As a people, we’ve come to realize not only can women do the same jobs that men can do, but sometimes they are even better at it. The idea that women can thrive in the corporate world has been in my opinion. To this day powerful machines (luxury cars, yacht….etc.) have always had female names. There is no doubt in the male mind that women are extremely capable.

We still have a few shards left but for the most part, the glass ceiling has been breached. Women are getting bigger and better jobs everyday. In today’s world you can not only tell your son….but your daughter that they might be president one day.

So much to learn

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How do I like the internship, the employers I work with and what I want to learn from this internship?
By doing an internship there is much to learn and to accomplish. The internship I am working on right now had to do with office support such as receptionist, administrative assistant and executive assistant. I got interested in volunteering for this internship for the reason that I want to learn more and get more experience in the job field. I would love to work in a front desk/receptionist position. The employers I work with are very kind, friendly, and very understanding. In this internship I expect to learn how to better my communication skills, what type of jobs are done in a front desk and how to multi-task in the office depending on the company.

Bad resumes and why it won’t get you a job

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We all know that a good resume is crucial to landing a job. We’ve all been told what we makes a good resume. But we’re often not told what makes your resume “bad”. I’m going to tell you exactly what makes a “bad” resume bad.
Lets start from the very top, the Heading. If your resume has no name, no contact information and no address, your resume is going in the trash. The same applies if the information is outdated. If there is no name, the employer won’t know who you are. This may sound like a joke to many of you, but you have no idea how many resumes we receive on a daily basis with no contact information. You will not get status updates about positions if your contact information is not on your resume. If the address is outdated, don’t expect the employer to come find you.
If any of this information is outdated or not on the resume altogether, it shows that you lack attention to detail. With no Heading, you won’t get a job- no matter what position you apply for. When putting your email on your resume, never use an inappropriate email address. If your email address is hottestgirlever@, don’t expect a call back! Having an inappropriate E-mail will show your lack of professionalism. The best professional E-mail is to use your name as the E-mail. If it’s a long name, keep it short and simple.
Gaps in your resume are never good. It shows you have been out of work during that period. In some cases, this cannot be avoided. The best thing to do is to address these gaps in a cover letter. Giving an employer a resume with unexplained gaps show that you were unable to proactively address a concern or problem ahead of time. Not only will this show that you are not a problem solver but you will also show that you may have reliability and commitment issues to the position you are applying for.
Always remember to put down your education no matter what the highest level completed may be. This may be a bachelor’s degree or a GED. If you don’t put down your education, the employer will think you are trying to hide something.
Your computer skills should be up-to-date. If you have Word Perfect or Microsoft Works as skills on your resume, many employers will pass you over because they will be uncomfortable, thinking you do not keep up with the times. Companies change with new technology and if you want a position with those companies, they expect you to be familiar with the current technology and software. They will only consider hiring you only if you know how to work the technology that they have.
Lastly, the presentation of your resume is as important as the resume itself. Coming in with a folded, photocopied and/or stained resume will only grant you a short and brief interview, then your resume will be trashed the moment you walk away. No employer wants to see a resume in that state. A resume should be presented the same way you would present yourself, neat and professional looking. To sum it up, never go into an interview with a sloppy resume. Make sure it’s up to date with your latest information. Put it in a folder or book to keep it flat and neat. Triple check everything on your resume such as spelling, grammar and that everything is aligned properly. Lastly, keep everything short, simple so that it gets to the point you’re trying to make. Remember, a resume is part of the first impression, so make it a good one.

Humble Leader

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My blog is primarily about being a humble leader. How about being a great leader? What does it take to be a great leader? I believe to be a great leader you would
have to be humble and meek. It also has to do with projecting less pride because that can lead to shame. A humble leader can win the hearts of their supporters by being honest and less boastful. When an individual is more boastful it can lead to controversy and much confrontation. Who know’s how many people like to brag? There are so many boastful people out there that it can make you sick, but that’s the type of world we are living in. When a person accomplishes something that is of great importance it is hard not to feel the pride well up inside and make you want to show off in front of others. That is not humble at all and it of course will make people jealous especially if they know what you are showing off about.
People who are more humble and down to earth make a relationship go much easier than those who want to be boastful and full of pride. Those people who exercise
mainly showing off to put others down don’t even realize that they are putting it right back on thier head. I always try to be humble because it can come back to me if I am
treating others right. “A humble heart prevents a stumble but a boastful one is more like a rumble.”